Who are we

DeerKid is a China-based online education startup that offers the North America kindergarten and elementary curriculum to our children in China. By streaming native English teachers located in North America into Chinese homes, we hope to help our children not only to improve their English language ability, but also to gain a global education experience.

What we believe

DeerKid takes our students at the core. We believe every child should have an equal opportunity to reach high-quality education resources. With the help of real time two-way online conversation technology, our students in China could have access to interactive support from North American teachers.

Why Join Us

Get competitive wages as a part-time or full-time teacher.

Enjoy flexible working hours to match your lifestyle.

Work online without leaving your home comfort.

An opportunity to gain international teaching experience.

Learn Chinese culture by making friends with Chinese students.

Fully supported in training and teaching resources provided by DeerKid.

The role you play

As an English Tutor of DeerKid, you will be providing online 12 courses of North America school to students aged from 5 to 12. You can work as a freelancer at home to deliver unique and innovative e-Learning lessons using teaching materials and resources provided by DeerKid.

Key responsibility

How can you be a DeerKid teacher?

How to start a lesson

Select your time to fit into your schudele in Deerkid.
You will then be assigned students to attend your classes at times corresponding to your schedule.
You will prepare the teaching materials according to our syllabus.
You will conduct the live lesson with the student via a video conferencing tool provided by DeerKid.
Provide constructive feedback to students.
You receive payment for your session on a monthly basis.